Who are we

Mission Statement

Our mission is to design and conduct mathematical modelling and computer simulation studies anchored to the best available data to support and inform HPTN research activities and directions in multiple ways

  • Understand the evolving HIV epidemics and epidemic drivers
  • Assess and identify the potential of new promising HIV preventions
  • Support clinical trial design, interim and final analyses
  • Translate clinical trial results into public health impact of HIV prevention in population
  • Develop new mathematical models to address new and neglected research questions
  • Improve and validate mathematical tools designed to inform prevention

Organisational structure and funding

HPTN MODELLING CENTRE is part of the Statistical and Data Management Center (SDMC) lead by Dr Deborah Donnell in the HIV prevention trial network (HPTN)

HPTN MODELLING CENTRE is a collaboration between the Department of Infectious Diseases Epidemiology at Imperial College London, UK and the Statistical Center for HIV/AIDS Research and Prevention (SCHARP) based at Fred Hutch in Seattle, Washington


The core of HPTN MODELLING CENTRE is funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health under award number UM1AI068617 through HPTN (HPTN Statistical and Data Management Center).



Imperial College, London

Lead: Marie-Claude Boily, PhD

Professor in Mathematical Epidemiology (Infectious Diseases)

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre

Dobromir Dimitrov, PhD

Senior Staff Scientist